MSYASMI 14 Days Slimming Detox Tea

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What is it?
A slimming tea that contains fine blend of minimal natural ingredients to increase energy levels and support weight loss.

How to Use?
1. Put 1 tea bag into a cup of hot water.
2. Steep for 3 to 5 minutes then remove the tea bag.
3. Add lemon or honey for taste preference.
*** Drink 1 teabag once per day following your biggest meal***

Moringa, Lotus Leaf, Cassia Seed and Oolong Tea.
100% natural, no chemicals or preservatives.

Not suitable for children or pregnant women.

8 reviews for MSYASMI 14 Days Slimming Detox Tea

  1. Pang

    Love the tea. Drinking every night.

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  2. NkaujHmoob Thoj

    The slimming dexto it helps me pretty good. I drink it everyday morning and night since I really need the dexto cause it hard to go when you needed. So far I love it.

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  3. Coua Numa

    I purchased this product for my husband to try because he usually feels bloated and says he doesn’t feel completely empty after going #2.
    He says after drinking just 1 bag, he was able to use the bathroom and feel empty. He also says he no longer feels bloated or has the need to take Tums. He also says this product doesn’t give you the urgency to go nor does it give you cramps or muscle tightness like other OTC products. We’re on bag #3 and ordered 5 more!

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  4. liz5rsn (verified owner)

    I love my slimming tea. I drink it every night, and I have no need to run to the bathroom.. I feel like it is helping me lose weight slowly.

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  5. melaniemher

    I love her Slimming Detox Tea 🫖. Helps me go use the bathroom very well. ❤️

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