About Yasmi

YASMI is a Hmong international singer, songwriter, actress, model, entrepreneur, and most importantly a survivor. With fans and supporters from Thailand, Laos, France, Australia, Canada, and the United States. She hopes to inspire women from all across the world to build their dreams and empower one another through beauty and music. Yasmi is widely known for her hit songs “Nkauj See Zaj Dab Neeg” and “Cia Luag Mam Hlub” with over 8.8 million views and 200k+ followers on YouTube.

Born in the refugee camps of Thailand, Yasmi is the oldest of seven children. After many years of applying and waiting for their immigration visas to be approved, she and her family finally came to the United States in May 7, 2006. Coming to the United States was an opportunity for them to build a new and better life.

As a young girl, Yasmi’s dream was to become a medical surgeon or a fashion designer. She wanted to save lives while making people feel and look beautiful, both inside and out. In 2009, she had her son, Yikeng, during her sophomore year of High School which changed her life dramatically. Although, Yasmi had the opportunity to attend school in the U.S., graduated high school, and attended California State University, Fresno. Being a single mom, balancing school, work, and trying to pursue her dreams made it difficult for her to complete her education. After five semesters of trying to keep up with everything that was happening in her life, she decided to take a break from school to regroup her heart and mind.

At one point she went back to live with her parents in their tiny two-bedroom apartment, sleeping on the floor of their living room with her infant son Yikeng. For a period of time, she became lost and had no sense of direction in life. She went through a period of depression and experienced difficult self-esteem issues. This was at the lowest point of her life, hitting rock bottom, and unable to assist with her family and rent. This point of her life tested her perseverance and sanity.

With no one to turn to, Yasmi started sharing her loneliness through writing music. She wrote from a place of hurt, betrayal, and hopelessness. Writing music allowed her to share parts of her life with her fans, supporters, and those who experienced what she’s gone through.

Yasmi draws her inspirations from old sad Chinese musical songs. Through storytelling of a woman’s experience from hurt, survival, and strength. After a couple of years of writing down her thoughts, she decided that it was time for her to start sharing her voice and talents with the world.

The beginning of Yasmi’s singing career started when she released her very first album “Nco Koj Tsis Ploj”, produced by Seah Fang. Her first album received some success after it was released on Youtube. After encouragement from her friends, families, and fans she continues to create music to share with the world.

Though Yasmi did not take the traditional route of pursuing higher education. She’s found her calling as an artist in the Hmong music industry and has been successful with what she’s learned along the way. Yasmi’s vision for her singing career has blossomed and has given her a new and uplifting purpose of reintroducing the beautiful and poetic Hmong language to the younger Hmong generations.

“I sincerely hope that the future generations do not abandon our beautiful Hmong language. I would like to do my part in keeping my lyrics deep and meaningful. I hope that my music will attract and inspire other young aspiring singers to pick up the torch and go beyond my abilities. I want to encourage all of you who listen to my music to pursue your dreams because when you go after the things that keep you alive it will inspire others to go after what’s meant for them. I want to especially thank my family, friends, fans and supporters. Thank you for helping someone who at one point felt hopelessness to continue to have hopes and dreams.” ~Yasmi

Yasmi’s Music
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